This Summer, I’m Packing My Suitcase With a Grady’s Cold Brew Kit

And it’s on sale for Prime Day, so you should too. 
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Photo by Chelsea Kyle

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I’m excited to travel again this summer—but I’m nervous to leave my coffee setup behind. To anyone who has really honed their slightly obsessive, somewhat embarrassingly labored coffee routine in isolation, I sympathize. The idea of having weak filter coffee with my family or submitting to an Airbnb K-Cup situation might have been fine before the pandemic. But now that I spent a year inside making coffee a hobby in addition to a morning wake-up aid, the idea pains me. It’s a tiny, dumb pain that’s mostly dulled next to the big joy of seeing family again—but still.

So, in lieu of my usual travel chocolate, I’m packing cold brew for my upcoming road trip. Bringing your own cold-brew bags answers the question of How do you take your coffee? for your busy hosts, and it’s a fun little warm-weather crowd-pleaser even hot coffee devotees can’t resist.

This New Orlean’s style variety from Grady’s, which is on sale during Amazon Prime Day, comes in a 24-serving bag. That’s enough to enjoy alongside many a Glazed Cinnamon-Cardamom Bun with friends on the back porch of your vacation rental.

Grady’s is the favorite cold brew of the Epicurious test kitchen, thanks to its strong but balanced flavor profile and lightly spiced sweetness. It gets that sweet earthiness from chicory root. The root is roasted and added to the coffee grounds, enhancing their caramel flavor. Black, it’s got character without being too acidic. With a generous pour of frothy, cold oat milk? Ooh, it is good.

To prepare, simply add the bag to water after dinner. Twelve hours later, it’s brewed and ready. Being the person who brings the coffee and makes it? That’ll earn you a repeat invite. I won’t tell anyone that it’s self-serving—if you don’t tell on me.

PRIME DAY DEAL: Grady's Cold Brew Coffee, 16 ounces